Like Father Like Daughter

Like Father Like Daughter, is an anthology of poetry written over the last year mainly during lockdown. The collection comprises of 27 poems written by myself, Adam Waugh (father) and 23 poems written by my daughter, Niamh Waugh (age 17).

My aim is simple poetry for everyone to identify with, describing snippets of my life, growing up and my observations and thoughts that hopefully people will relate to.
Niamh’s poems are much deeper and thought provoking, youth-filled and reflect her experiences through her teenage years.

We have produced this book to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK, a charity which is close to our heart after living alongside my mother-in-law who lived with Alzheimer’s, who was a dear grandmother to both Niamh and her sister Mia.

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This book has been kindly donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK by Adam and Niamh Waugh, so 100% of the sale of this book will help fund vital dementia research.



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