Moments of Movement- Venetia Dunlop

“Exercising could never be easier! You won’t even know have done it!

This book is not about running marathons or 5kms, it is not about walking 10,000 steps every day, it is not about gym sessions or training sessions or taking time out of the day for a disciplined fitness session. It is not about being the fittest, strongest or fastest.

It is about using moments in the day to maintain your body and mind and keeping them in good shape whilst doing something else, such a waiting for something or someone, whilst doing daily routines, whilst at home or work and whilst doing a lot more.

These regular moments during the day can be put to good use to help maintain yourself.

In the book we have suggested movements suitable for such moments throughout the day. The movements are a combination of endurance, resistance, balance and flexibility to help both physical and mental well-being.

Illustrated descriptions will guide you through the day from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night.”

This book has kindly been donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK by Venetia Dunlop, so 100% of the sale of this book will help fund vital dementia research.


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